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50+ years as a household name

As an agent, your reputation is everything. Give it a boost with the weight of our 50+ year old brand name (with 500+ locations and 8,000+ agents) behind you. You'll receive personalized Realty Executives business cards, signage, and marketing materials to help you grow your business.

Weekly webinars & classes

The EXEC University is a unique training program to help you level up in real estate. With 100+ webinars and weekly in-person marketing training, you'll learn the industry's leading-edge insights from internationally-renowned professionals.

Lightning-fast support & broker access

Need help? Our lightning-fast support staff answer 91% of queries in less than a minute (2.7x higher than the industry average). You'll also have direct access to our veteran brokers who'll be there to help you answer any questions.

Realty Executives Home Towne is a wonderful Real Estate Agency! I moved from another agency to Realty Executives Home Towne, primarily because of the outstanding Commission Sharing plans, but found many more reasons to stay. The company offers to many tools to help Agents to grow their business, and Frank and his brokers are always available with advice and help. I have been approached by many other agencies, but would never consider moving from Realty Executives Home Towne!

Joanne Sisson, Realtor - Realty Executives Home Towne (Washington)

Realty Executives offers cutting edge technology, modern facilities, & low agent fees. Squash any doubts you may have about making the move to Realty Executives. You will succeed while keeping more money in your pocket!

Ryan Kegley, Realtor - Realty Executives Home Towne (Shelby)

Operating as a small real estate team, we find REHT to be a perfect fit with our business model to maximize our client's home selling/buying experiences while also maximizing results for ourselves and our families as entrepreneurs. Working for a Broker who has your back, combined with the tools and education they supply has proven to be invaluable, and we can't imagine Team Titans calling any other place home.

Scott Zambelli Team Titans- Realty Executives Home Towne (Shelby)

After 15 years of real estate sales and camping at a few brokerages, I've found my forever home at Realty Executives. When you find a place that provides you with the big three, technology tools galore, affordable fees, and a beautiful, welcoming work environment, why would you ever leave?

Joy Rochlitz Team Titans- Realty Executives Home Towne (Shelby)

Realty Executives Home Towne..... What's not to love? How many real estate agents can say that they have a Broker who believes in sharing the success & rewards with everyone, is forward thinking in an ever- changing industry, invests in companies that make their job easier, more profitable & better for clients. I absolutely love being an agent at Realty Executives Home Towne and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to succeed in real estate.

Jody Bruce - Realty Executives Home Towne (Shelby)

I am a newer agent with Realty Executives Home Towne. Although I have had many years of experience with selling real estate being new to the office I will say communication has been very good and support has been offered when needed with the broker and other members of office staff. Covid19 pandemic closed everything down, and I was still being trained "one on one" remotely on the new systems and how to expand advertising techniques, and systems are user friendly and I have to say. I have had a great on-boarding experience even during a pandemic. I might add the signage is beautiful!

Renee Bingham Kelley - Realty Executives Home Towne (Shelby)

Realty Executives Home Towne truly values their agents. Training by far is the best, new agents should take advantage of them to help you on your way to becoming a successful self employed professional. Their focus is on continuing education & comfortability in a work environment. Overall it's a great place to be your own boss, and keep more of your money & profit sharing. Great Broker and Management!

Serafina Pizzo - Realty Executives Home Towne (Shelby)

Realty Executives Home Towne is the epitome of teamwork, congruency, training, and success. The brokerage is like none other in the industry, and I'm proud to have my team as part of it. As we continually grow, the brokerage continues to have the resources (along with new and updated) so our progress and success goes unimpeded. The income opportunity with Realty Executives Home Towne is unparalleled.

Jason and Jennifer Stanczak - The Stanczak Group Realty Executives Home Towne (Shelby)

In my 17 years as a Realtor, I have been with other brokerages, seen their operations and witnessed the varying cultures of each office. Being at Realty Executives Home Towne has been refreshing being around a great group of agents from 4 offices that work together and have a terrific camaraderie. We are continually introduced to new technologies and trainings to help us stand out and great programs to help us run our business efficiently. The commission plans are straight forward and cant be beat. Hard to believe how much of my commissions I gave away in the past! The company continues to have tremendous growth due to these things and from having a Broker/Owner who has actively shown us he is truly there for his agents. Its a great environment to work in and I’m very proud to be an Executive!

Lori Sheridan - Realty Executives Home Towne (Chesterfield)

All-in-one suite of digital tools

All the tools you need to manage and close your leads. This includes our proprietary hub - PrimeAgent - as well as kvCore, website builders, a CRM suite, listing automation, and more. They all work together seamlessly to help you be a more efficient agent.


Regular stream of vetted leads

We have a sophisticated in-house marketing system. Combined with kvCore's ListingMachine, you'll receive dozens of vetted, high-quality buyer and seller leads each month. So you can use your valuable time closing leads - not finding them

Frank Locricchio -Broker / Owner

Flexible commission plans

You have full control over how much you earn - and how you earn it.

100% Program

Maximize your profits by
keeping 100% commission with a low monthly fee.

80% Bridge Program

A comfortable, low-overhead transitionary plan with minimal monthly fees.

Team Option Program

A 100% commission plan for teams where the team leader can determine the split.

New Agent Mentorship

No cost. Learn from experienced Executives and streamline your growth.

Our profits are your profits

We're in this together. That's why we offer our agents the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars in additional income by purchasing shares in our exclusive Title, Mortgage, and Insurance companies under the Executive Service Group LLC.

Expert management team

Seven real estate veterans make sure Realty Executives Home Towne runs smoothly.

Frank Locricchio, Broker/Owner

I'm the Broker and Owner at Realty Executives, Home Towne. We have local offices at four locations in Michigan, from Port Huron to Washinton Township

Our technologically-advanced brokerage supports our agents with buyer and seller representation in residential and commercial transactions. We have the resources and network of affiliates to have the best advantage as they grow their careers.

William Shanahan

Marketing Executive

Lori Sheridan

Managing Associate Broker, Chesterfield Twp. Office

Maryann Kepreos

Managing Associate Broker, Shelby Twp. Office

Joan Henderson

Managing Associate Broker, Washington Twp. Office

Lisa Glombowski

Managing Associate Broker, Port Huron Office

Bruce MacGregor

Managing Associate Broker, Troy Office

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